My Publishing Timeline: My Autobiography, Organizational Aerodynamics and Jonathan’s Amazing Adventures

I thought I’d provide you with an update as to the way ahead for my publishing timeline concerning my works in progress.  For the moment, I’ve made most of my WordPress blogs private until the book title of the same name is published.  At that time, I’ll convert the blog to my Author Page for that book in order to provide updates, commentary and answer questions.

My future publishing timeline is to continue publishing my autobiography this year, which will take me up to the year 1981 and include my: adventures around the Western United States and the Pacific Northwest; Hot Air Ballooning and an introduction to flying; climbing mountains; numerous cross-continental bus and driving trips; bicycling solo through England, Scotland, Wales and France; SCUBA diving in Puerto Rico with a friend; returning to Michigan State University; a yacht adventure deep into the fjords of British Columbia, Canada; and my solo bicycle adventure through Ontario, Canada.

At that point, my aim is to publish my motivational self-help book titled Organizational Aerodynamics in early 2019, followed by my Jonathan’s Amazing Adventures trilogy of novels: Jonathan’s Dream (An Adventure Novel), Jonathan’s Return (An Adventure Novel) and Jonathan’s Wish (An Adventure Novel).

Once I’ve completed publishing these books, then I’ll turn my attention to publishing my The Adventures of Sam the Tugboat children’s stories: The Adventures of Sam the Tugboat; Sam the Tugboat and the Legend of Shipwreck Island and Sam the Tugboat and the Island Kingdom of Beauty, Dreams and Imagination.

I’ve completed all these books save one in draft and this publishing timeline will keep me busy for a number of years, but I thought I’d let you know what to expect over time.  I have other books in progress as well and eventually I’ll return to continue my autobiography recounting my United States Air Force years as a navigator, but not until I’ve finished publishing all of my works in progress ~ enjoy!