About: The Adventures of Sam the Tugboat


The Adventures of Sam the Tugboat

(Copyright 2013, Mark D. Jones, All Rights Reserved)


Sam the Tugboat has been a very dear friend of mine ever since we first met in my imagination sometime around the year 1990, when I used to read bedtime stories to our son David.  He always insisted on hearing ‘just one more story’ as a delaying tactic before I turned out the lights.  One evening, when I didn’t have a second story available, I started to make up a story out of thin air – that’s when my friend Sam first stepped out of my imagination to help me.  Sam rescued me that night as he always loves to help others out, especially children!  In fact, Sam brought with him his devoted friend, Fred – Sam’s right hand man – and the two of them soon became our friends as well.

It wasn’t long before David was more interested in hearing about The Adventures of Sam the Tugboat, than he was in hearing stories I read to him out of books.  Of course, he knew the story was a spontaneous telling of a never before told tale and my arms were free to exaggerate everything I said in order to bring the story to life.  Best of all, David could participate in each story by interjecting his thoughts and ideas as the story unfolded.  After all, interactive storytelling is the very best kind of storytelling!

My wife always wanted me to write down my Sam the Tugboat stories, but they arrived spontaneously in the moment and afterwards retreated back into my imagination as quickly as they sprang to life during their telling.  Short of recording the storytelling process itself, there was no way to capture the essence of these stories.  It would have gone against the very principle of spontaneity, because Sam the Tugboat stories were meant to entertain our little boy in that singular moment in time.

So now, almost a quarter century later, I’m once again telling original Sam the Tugboat stories for one reason and one reason only – because somewhere out there in the world another child is pleading for ‘just one more story’ before the lights are turned off at bedtime.  Now they, too, will have the opportunity to participate in the legacy of The Adventures of Sam the Tugboat – just as our son did all those years ago!


The Adventures of Sam the Tugboat

(Copyright 2013, Mark D. Jones, All Rights Reserved)


It is with great pleasure that I introduce you to my best buddy and longtime friend, Sam the Tugboat and the beautiful, sunny, pleasant and idyllic coastal community of Beach Harbor!  Please allow me the opportunity to paint a portrait of childlike wonder, sweetness and light as I pull back the curtain to take you, my special guests, on a short tour of Sam’s world especially for you.  So please take care and watch your step as our tour now begins!

Sam the Tugboat is a colorful, dedicated and proud little tugboat who does all the many things tugboats do in assisting ships in and out of the Port of Beach Harbor.  Sam also takes on the added responsibility of ensuring the safety and wellbeing of children, families and all his many friends – animals, birds and marine life alike – in and around Beach Harbor.  Sam has been taking care of this idyllic community and rescuing children, families and his friends for as long as anyone can remember.  Sam’s world is a world of smiles, laughter, sunshine and happy endings – despite the fact that many of his adventures are very serious and quite dangerous in fact!  Somehow, Sam and those who help him, always find a way to ‘save the day’ to keep everyone safe and sound – especially little children!

Sam’s best friend and ‘right hand man’ ever since they first met at the Beach Harbor Marina is Fred, who is responsible for the safe operation of the marina where Sam lives. Fred is as devoted to Sam as he is to all the children, families, friends and visitors of the community.  Fred’s office at the marina sits right beside Sam’s dock and is slightly elevated to allow him clear views of the marina, the Family Picnic Grounds and the Family Swimming Beach next door.  Fred helps keep watch over the picnic grounds and swimming beach to ensure that everyone is always kept safe and sound!

Fred’s office has a desk with everything he needs to stay in contact with Sam and all the proper authorities in the Beach Harbor community.  On Fred’s desk he has a phone, radio, navigation and weather radar, GPS monitor and a computer.  In case of an emergency, Fred can quickly contact Sam and the lifeguards, firemen, policemen, harbormaster, mayor and the Air Traffic Controllers at the nearby Beach Harbor Community Airport.  They all rely on Sam and Fred for their help and assistance in protecting the community of Beach Harbor.

Most importantly, The Adventures of Sam the Tugboat introduces Sam’s world to young children, where they learn important lessons in kindness, friendship, community, dedication and service; so they themselves might one day demonstrate these same values in their own communities – wherever they may live.

I hope everyone enjoyed our tour of the wonderful little coastal community of Beach Harbor.  Now it’s time to turn the page and enter Sam’s world of amazing adventures and happy endings!


I’d like to acknowledge the outstanding contributions of my two editors, who offer me their advice and encouragement to improve each story of mine from start to finish: my dear friend Sandra Zoratti http://sandrazoratti.com/ and my sweet wife of 27+ years, Esther. Without their tweaks and suggestions, Sam the Tugboat’s stories wouldn’t be as fun and adventurous as they are!

Cheers!  🙂


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