Book Four – The Great Adventure (Part Two)

This is the second book of the trilogy about The Great Adventure I call, In Search of the Meaning of Life (An Autobiography): Book Four – The Great Adventure (Part Two).  Here’s the description:

“Bruce and I completed the first leg of The Great Adventure, traveling 1,931 miles from southwest of Flint, MI, to my aunt and uncle’s house in Tallahassee, FL, over the course of 58 days on our bicycle adventure. We departed the Flint area on September 22, 1976 and arrived in Tallahassee on November 18th – low on funds and needing to recuperate at our third oasis on the bicycle trip to date.

The question remained though as to what would happen to us on this second leg of the adventure? We were almost out of money and had no idea what to expect in Florida and along the Gulf Coast, and soon our thoughts would begin focusing on looking for jobs – without having any concept of how that would work out or how we could make it happen. Would our adventure succeed or fail miserably, leaving us stranded on the road out of money and ideas? As they say, no guts no glory, and here begins the story of the second leg of The Great Adventure…

The opportunity to journey and adventure kindles the human spirit like nothing else can. For to immerse oneself in adventure and test your meddle beyond your known capabilities and prevail despite the odds, is to conquer and overcome your fears, and find within yourself the strength, reserves and will to endure and survive in the most difficult of circumstances. I wish you all the very best on your adventures in life, no matter where life’s path takes you on your journey of discovery.

Adventure is a mindset and a perspective, for one can find adventure in whatever endeavor you choose to participate in – it doesn’t have to be a physical challenge taking you to the ends of the Earth. ‘To adventure’ is to take life by the horns and try your very best, to blaze your own trail, and live your hopes, dreams and passions in life. Choose adventure, because life is so much richer and rewarding for having tried to live the life of your dreams no matter the outcome – win, lose or draw!  Cheers!  Mark”

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