My Book – Book One – The Early Years (The Start of a Dream)

Here’s an excerpt from the first book (of ten volumes to date) of my serialized autobiography: In Search of the Meaning of Life: Book One – The Early Years (The Start of a Dream)

“My journeys and adventures officially started the day I intentionally stepped off the well-worn path of life and onto the path less-traveled.  It was a deliberate and calculated decision and my life has never been the same since.  It has not been an easy life, for once the comfort of the path well-traveled is left behind, there are few signposts to follow and no maps to guide you.  Uncharted territory as they say and not without its pitfalls, danger and misfortunes.  I often wondered if this path would ever lead me back to the safety and comfort of the familiar again.  In some ways it has and in other ways it hasn’t, but The Great Adventure I began in 1976 has never really ended for me over all these many years.  I will be traveling this path less-traveled in my continuing search for the meaning of my life right up to the very end.”

Here’s the link to both the Kindle Version (free to read on Kindle Unlimited) and Paperback Version (76 pages single spaced, 6″x9″ format) – view this post online to see the link:

Here’s the link to my Amazon Author Page – Mark D. Jones:



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