My Latest Book: Book Nine – England, Scotland, Wales & France (Part One)

I’ve just published In Search of the Meaning of Life (An Autobiography): Book Nine – England, Scotland, Wales & France (Part One) about my solo-bicycle adventure to the British Isles and France in 1979.  Each book of my serialized autobiography is a standalone book and doesn’t require first reading earlier volumes.  They are all free to read with Kindle Unlimited as well.

Here’s the link to Book Nine:

About this Book:

This is the story of the first part of my solo-bicycle adventure to England, Scotland, Wales and France, where I gave up all that I was in Seattle at the time in May 1979 to follow my heart for the uncertain promise of becoming all I could be.  All I knew at the time was when I returned to Seattle I’d be homeless, jobless, carless and pretty close to penniless, but it was that important to me to remain true to my spirit of adventure and honor my commitment to myself to live a life of adventure, and somehow make all my hopes, dreams, passions and desires in life come true.  I didn’t want to live a life of regret having given up on my dreams of travel, so I stripped away all I was at the time for the chance of becoming so much more…

About the Author: Mark D. Jones

My heart told me this was what it wanted me to do and if I’d learned anything in life, I was sure that one of the most important truisms concerning meaning and purpose in life was to remain true to who we know ourselves to be – it’s originally finding out for ourselves what our calling in life really is and who we are as a person, that can be the most difficult part.

I’d learned over time, and through trial and error, that I was filled with a spirit of adventure and needed to remain true to who I knew myself to be.  It was this truth that allowed me to pursue my hopes and dreams of seeing the world, and let the chips fall where they might in dealing with the aftereffects of my decision.  I was committed to follow this spirit of adventure and once I made my decision to leave Electricraft Stereo and bicycle overseas, I never looked back!  Cheers!  Mark

Here’s the link to my Author Page – Mark D. Jones:



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