My Latest Book: Book Eight – A Book of Philosophy

I’ve just published my latest book: In Search of the Meaning of Life (An Autobiography): Book Eight – A Book of Philosophy.  Here’s how I describe the book on the back cover:

“Sometimes, the best way to find ourselves is to get lost in the process.  So lost, in fact, that we’re afraid we’ll never find our way back again, especially the direction we’ve only just come from.  It’s when we find ourselves alone and directionless in the quiet moments of our lives, in surroundings we know we don’t belong in and aspire to leave behind, that we can hear ourselves think without the distraction of the status quo calling us back to what had been our everyday reality.

My questioning began very early on in this odyssey on the road, and as this internal dialogue developed I wrote down all of these debates with myself on a yellow, legal pad.  This process of spontaneously writing my 152 philosophical questions and ponderings, laid the foundation for a resolution to the dilemma as to which way I should go with my life, seemingly giving me permission to follow my heart and my dreams…”

Here’s a link to my Amazon Author Page – Mark D. Jones:

I’m currently working my 9th book: Book Nine – A Bicycle Adventure through England, Scotland, Wales in France (Part One), telling the story of my solo overseas bicycle trip to the British Isles and France from May through July 1979, which should be available in June.



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