Publishing Update – Two New Books Coming Soon

I wanted to keep folks posted as to my upcoming publishing schedule as I have two new books in the pipeline for this month: Book Seven – The Seattle Years (Part Two) and Book Eight – A Book of Philosophy.  Both of these books define the time in my life from June 1978 through May 1979 and set the stage for making the decision to follow my heart and bicycle around England, Scotland, Wales and France from May through July 1979.  The story of my overseas bicycle trip should be published in two parts next month if I keep to my timeline.

In July of this year, I hope to publish the story of visiting Puerto Rico in the summer of 1979 and then turn my attention to the story of my return to Michigan State University and my adventures through British Columbia and Ontario, Canada in 1980.  If I can finish that book by August of this year, then I’ll look into publishing a few photo books of my travels in September and October.

In November of this year, if I keep to my timeline, I hope to publish my motivational book Organizational Aerodynamics about looking at life from new perspectives to accomplish all your hopes and dreams in life.  I hope to begin publishing my novels in 2019, starting with the first book of my adventure trilogy Jonathan’s Dream (An Adventure Novel) and then follow up with all the other novels and children’s stories I have prepared and in the works! 🙂

Here’s the link to my Amazon Author Page – Mark D. Jones.  All of my books are published as Kindle books and paperbacks, and are free to read with Kindle Unlimited:

Stay posted and I’ll keep you updated with how my timeline’s working out – Cheers!


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